Who we are

The International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants (IOBC - www.iobc-global.org) is represented in Latin America by the Neotropical Section (NTRS). The NTRS/IOBC was proposed after a series of discussions initiated during the First Round Table for Biological Control organized by Mario Vaughan (FAO), in Santiago, Chile, in 1984. As a result of the propositions from this initial discussion, Jack Coulson (IOBC-Global President) and Jean-Paul Aeschlimann (IOBC-Global Secretary) initiated contacts with biological control specialists in 1988 for the establishment of the Neotropical Regional Section (NTRS). The NTRS was officially formed in 1989 during the 2nd Round Table for Biological Control, held in Tucumán, Argentina.

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You can learn more on the history of the IOBC, its representative sections and working groups in the book: E.F. Boller, J.C. van Lenteren, V. Delucchi (eds.). 2006. International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants. 275p.
Please contact J. van Lenteren at Joop.vanLenteren@wur.nl or E. Boller at ernst.boller@acw.admin.ch for further information.

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Our mission

As a regional representative of the IOBC-Global, the NTRS/IOBC is a non-profit organization which is compromised to promote the development and utilization of biological control in Latin America as a way to reduce or avoid losses inflicted by noxious animals and plants. The NTRS/IOBC acts independently, close to national and international governmental organizations/institutions, international regulatory institutions and funding agencies. (Learn more on the IOBC Global mission)

Why to become a member of the NTRS/IOBC?

IOBC/NTRS members will have the opportunity to participate of a unique group of discussion that counts on biocontrol users and specialists from all over Latin America. Members will also be able to join one of the working groups or to propose new ones of regional interest. NTRS/IOBC members will be able to apply for mini grants (whenever available) and have discount fees on courses and symposia organized by the NTRS or any other regional section of the IOBC. As a member of the NTRS, IOBC Global will also provide a one time translation assistance of biological control manuscripts for young scientists (<35 yr) native from non-English speaking countries. IOBC members should be from a developing country and must be the article first author. If you need help or if would like to assist one time in this IOBC partnerships for writing articles, please contact Joop.vanLenteren@wur.nl (much more benefits).

How to become a member of the NTRS/IOBC?

It is very easy to become a member of the NTRS/IOBC. Anybody interested in developing and/or promoting the biological control of noxious animals and plant can become either an individual or an institutional member. Just contact the NTRS treasurer or the Latin America representative closest to you by sending the application form. The NTRS/IOBC annual membership fee takes into consideration the economic differences among Latin American Countries as a ways to estimulate as many biocontrol practitioners and developers as possible.

IOBC-NTRS Newsletter

Available Informative report 31 (January 2020).